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Easy Sled came to life in December 2019 after Chris experienced an ice fishing mishap. The temperature was -25C and the lake had about 3" of fresh powder covering 6" of slush. While pulling his plastic jet sled to go home, the slush began freezing to the bottom and effectively became an ice anchor. He could no longer pull the sled and had no choice but to carry his gear half a kilometer (0.6miles) over 3 separate trips. 

The requirements for the Easy Sled were quite simple - it had to be light, strong, highly portable, and it had to assemble/disassemble quickly and easily (and without tools). Oh...and it had to resolve the ice anchor issue. After 2 years of using the design, a friend saw it and asked if Chris would make him one - he did, and word of mouth interest resulted in offering the Easy Sled for sale starting in spring 2022. 

Who is Easy Sled?

Easy Sled is owned and operated entirely by a husband and wife team in our spare time.  We both have regular, full time jobs and weld/ship Easy Sleds as a hobby.

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