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  • What exactly is an Easy Sled or Smitty sled?
    The original design of a Smitty Sled was from the ice fishing community to make winter travel with heavy ice fishing gear much easier. IT consisted of 2 skis with a wooden structure. The concept was that skis were designed to glide much easier than plastic sleighs and with the narrower width of the skis vs the sled, it made pulling significantly easier. Easy Sled took that concept and built a system that offers many improvements over an original Smitty Sled. Because it is made of aluminum, it can be lighter and stronger. It won't absorb water, ice or rot over time...which again keeps it lighter. It takes seconds to assemble/disassemble by simply dropping or lifting the crossbars onto the feet. This makes it highly portable and takes up almost no space in your vehicle.
  • Why don't you make a taller or adjustable kit?
    Very simply, taller kits are typically not required. Chekc out this video of one of our 6" kits in 12" of snow. You can still see the top of the skis as they're only sinking 1-2" with 120lbs loaded on the sleigh. Instagram: How much easier is an Easy Sled to pull? As for an adjustable height kit, the simple answer is why would you need an adjustable kit and the added weight/cost if a 6" kit does just fine? We understand the cool features are often desirable, but Easy Sled was designed to be the simplest, effective and most cost effective kit on the market. Our goal was to offer a product that was as affordable as we could make one to get them out to as many people as we can, which ultimately promotes people being outside and getting more enjoyment out of their adventures (not to mention you'll be able to go farther and get to those remote spots more easily).
  • Can I use an Easy Sled behind my ATV/Snowmobile (motorized vehicle)?
    While the Easy Sled is strong, it is not intended to be used behind a motorized vehicle. There are several reasons for this. 1) Aluminum is still a very soft metal. Carrying a static load at walking speeds is ok, but hitting bumps at speed (shock loading) increases the weight exponentially and will likely cause it to fail over time. 2) Downhill skis are made to grab when turning. When used behind a motorized vehicle at speed, the skis will grab in a turn and transfer 100% of the load into the metal and likely cause it to fail. 3) Easy Sled/Smitty sleds are a tool designed to make pulling gear under human power easier. If you have a motorized vehicle, you shouldn't need skis to assist and the sled itself is more than useful.
  • Can I buy Easy Sled in stores?
    Unfortunately, not yet. We hope to have the Easy Sled available in some outdoors stores or through hut operators in the near future but so far, demand has prevented us from being able to stockpile enough kits to confidently supply stores. With the overwhelming interest in the Easy Sled, we are working hard to get them closer to you and easier to buy! If you are interested in becoming an Easy Sled distributor, please contact us to discuss.
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